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Prepare to shiver with the antici...

PATION! ...Where the thrills and magic of Rocky Horror come alive in the air with an immersive, audience centric performance - creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will captivate your guests from start to finish!

The Rocky Horror Circus Show isn't just a performance; it's an immersive experience that will transport your audience to a world of fantasy and excitement!

Step into a world where the extraordinary is elevated to new heights. Our entire cast bring the characters and energy of Rocky Horror to life like never before!

Click play on the video below to see how The Rocky Horror Circus Show can transform your venue into an unforgettable spectacle!

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"The interaction with the audience both during and after the show and the creativity of making Rocky Horror a circus show was honestly genius. So much fun!"

Ellie Gordon, CO

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Don't dream it, be it!

Don't miss your chance to host The Rocky Horror Circus Show at your venue! Contact us now and let's make your space the stage for this electrifying fusion of circus, live music, and Rocky Horror magic!

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