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Sarah Erickson

Serendipity (Sarah) was born and raised in Colorado. At 19 she took her first pole class in Watertown, New York, and instantly fell in love. Since then, it’s been 7 years of her pole journey, where she has competed all over the country. A few years into her pole journey, she began teaching pole in Kansas and found a whole new passion. She has now made her way back to Colorado, where you’ll find her instructing at Rockstar! Her favorite part of teaching is watching students find their power, find their strength, find their peace, and help them explore new pathways with confidence. You can find Serendipity performing in several upcoming shows including: @Kikisinisterpresents “cirque du so gay!” and Rockstar’s “Glitter and Grit”



IG- @serendipitypole

Venmo- @serendipitysnips

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