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Circa Vida Nightlife

Level up your Event

What we do

We strive to dazzle your guests with exciting and jaw-dropping entertainment!

Circa Vida is proud to be able to provide a unique, customized, and fully tailored entertainment solution for your event needs. With more than 10 years of performing experience, we provide professional and captivating dance and aerial entertainment for nightlife events such as nightclub entertainment, DJ sets, music sets, festivals, corporate events, weddings, and more!



Hoop dance is great for ambient performance needs such as festivals and nightclubs that would like to provide their guests with a mesmerizing performance without the restrictions of rigging equipment. Our hoop gogo dancers can wow your guests with either a light up LED hoop, multiple hoops, or even a fire hoop! Space requirements are minimal for hoop dance - we just need at least 8 ft of spacing to dance and can be done inside or outside (fire hoops require outdoor venues only)!



Hype up the crowd with our fabulous go go dancers! We can match any event theme with eye-catching costuming and provide experienced and professional dancers that will turn up the energy and pump up the venue! Our gogo dancers can do classic go go or use a variety of props to dance - we can do chair, burlesque, a choreographed dance show… the sky is the limit!



The lyra is a fantastic aerial apparatus that inspires awe to the crowd and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. It can be ambient, or we can create specific routines for your event needs. The lyra requires at least a 12 ft ceiling (if event is indoors) and a perimeter of 8 ft in order to set up our aerial rig. 



When you want a big show that will be sure to dazzle, pole is the way to go! With our Pole and Aerial Dance troupe, we know how to put on a theatrical and wildly entertaining show! Pole encompasses so many things, not just the sexy side, but the acrobatic side as well. It takes strength, skill, and a creative flair to make a successful pole show - and we are the experts! We can also create ambient pole sets as well for musical acts and festivals. There is no rigging for the pole - we set up our portable stage pole right at the venue! Indoor or outdoor, we just need at least an 11 ft ceiling.



The sling/silks is our most elegant and awe-inspiring performance act! Perfect for upscale events such as weddings and corporate events/parties! The sling is essentially a fabric swing and the silks has 2 separate fabric "poles". Both require an 8 ft perimeter and a rigging point. For indoor, a steel beam in an indoor venue is required to rig and we will bring in a certified rigger to make sure it's a safe rigging point. For outdoors, we have an outdoor aerial rig to perform on.